QuadRacer LT-R450 or 700 EFI Raptor?

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How does the Suzuki QuadRacer 450 shape up against a Raptor 700? I know these ATVs are in 2 different classes, but just curious.

I’m thinking of buying one of the two. Is the Raptor that much faster?




You’re right, these are two completely different Sport ATVs but it’s surprising how close they stack up.

The Suzuki has better shocks all around – because of its race track breeding – but for trail riding, the Raptor’s rear shock is certainly very adequate and although its front ones are not as sophisticated, they work well for 90-percent of trail situations.

Top speed with these two is very, very close and acceleration up through the gears is similar with the larger torque output of the Raptor’s 700 pulling a bit harder down low (say, up to 4th gear) and then the higher revving and smaller displacemant Suzuki catching it in the higher gears.

The Suzuki is a bit wider which adds to its cornering stability. The Raptor has enormous down-low grunt and that means you can loft the front wheels easily over obstacles when you’re plonking in the woods.

The Suzuki isn’t quite as responsive in these situations but there is a weight saving with the 450 which makes it a nimble handler in tight situations, even though you’ll be nursing the throttle more to keep the revs up.

If you’re a dunes, trail or woods rider, I’d go with the Raptor. If you’re thinking you’d like to enter a race sometime or you’re riding open areas with hard packed surfaces a lot or exclusively, closed course motocross tracks, I’d go with the Suzook.

Kent Lester

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