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I watched a recent episode of Dirt Trax featuring the Polaris Outlaw IRS and you said it was a great ATV for trails, but didn’t see it as a track ATV and I was wondering why?

I enjoy weekend trail riding and at 46, was wondering what you might recommend for some light racing for us older guys who still have to go back to work on Mondays.



Thanks for your question!

The problem with the Outlaw IRS is that the rear end is really quite soft. This is why its such a great trail ATV, but it tends to jump VERY nose high.

The rear end doesn’t have enough rebound to kick the back up off the lip of a jump. Its not that it can’t be jumped, its just not as good as a real motocross ATV. Furthermore, the extra weight will be noticeable on a moto track as will the body roll. On the trail though, these traits aren’t at all a problem.

If you’re looking to do some light racing I suggest picking up a used sport ATV, something like a Suzuki 450 or a Yamaha 450. The nice thing about the Suzuki is many of them came from the factory 50 inches wide so you wouldn’t need to worry about widening it. I suggest staying away from any modified ATVs.

If you want an ATV for trail riding that you could use at the track, get a 525 IRS Outlaw and try stiffening up the rear shocks a lot. That may help with the nose high jumping and body roll in the corners.

Hope this helps.

Luke Lester
Dirt Trax Television

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