Sportsman vs. Outlander Shootout Results

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How on earth does the 800 Outlander beat the Polaris Sportsman in a shotout and then the Sportsman turns around and beats the outlander the next year in your shootout????

I would like to see more shootouts betweeen quads in real settings like take all the big bores on a mud run and see who can get through what hole.




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If you check, All-Terrain Vehicle Magazine only used a Polaris 800 and an OL 800 in ONE shootout. The shootout which the Outlander 800 easily won did not have the Polaris in it.

When they both were compared under a wide variety of conditions – including mud riding – the Polaris narrowly beat out the OL – essentially on better suspension and in particular, better front end response and handling.

The power of the OL 800 was never challenged. However, we do not compare Big Bores on a narrow band of criteria – we like to include as wide a band of issues to be compared as possible.

If it was only about power, the Can Am would win – hands down.

Motorhead Mark Lester

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