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Dear Motorhead:

I thoroughly enjoyed your review on the Camoplast 4S track system on Dirt Trax Television. I have been considering this exact kit for my 2007 AC 650 H1 with 3.6 rear diff’s or a new Mudpro with 4.0 gears.

Question 1) I believe that the AC does not offer a mounting kit for tracks for the Mudpro. The comment from the dealers is that the 4.0 gearing is too low. Apparently adding tracks will lower your gearing by 30%. Can you elaborate on this – Is the Mudpro geared too low for tracks?

Comment: The only obstacle that you did not attempt in your ride review was to cross a log across a trail. I have ridden with tracked ATVs before and a log crossing (6-inch dia or bigger) is virtually impossible. Any tracked ATV riding in areas with a lot of felled (wind-blown) trees needs to carry a good chainsaw.

Once the log is between the front and rear track, you are stuck. The front track can easily start the climb but the rear tracks tends to slide under the log. Then backing up, the front track also slides under the log.

Did you experience during your testing?

Much appreciated. Look forward to your reply.


Thanks for your question!

I find this very interesting as this is EXACTLY what we experienced. A track kit is great until you get hung up on a log, which we did on about 4 separate occasions during our testing.

We actually found we had to build small log ramps in front of the log after the front wheels went over to help get the rear tracks to climb.

It seems to me simply adding an approach angle on the rear tracks would solve this problem – not as extreme as the front, but some sort of upturn would help and we did contact camoplast about this suggestion.

Tracks will definitely gear your ATV down at least 30%. Our Sportsman XP is capable of 70mph with wheels, but probably around 40-45 with tracks. However, it handles great at those speeds, which was surprise.

The MudPro is geared low to begin with and will therefore be even slower with tracks, but its certainly not incapable of handling the track kit.

It will fit with a standard AC mount kit. It will be slow on top end, but will deliver excellent torque. Keep in mind, the tracks will stress your drive shafts even more than the MudPro tires do so you may end up having a problem in that area in the future (we have had issues with Cat’s drive shafts on the MudPro and on 700 H1 with tracks).

Other that this issue an Arctic Cat is actually a pretty good choice for a track kit as they sit pretty high and have good bottom end torque.

I hope this info is helpful.

Luke Lester
Dirt Trax Television

Luke Lester
Luke Lester
Luke is Co-Host of DIRT TRAX Television which can be seen on OLN and Sportsman Channel in Canada, Outdoor Channel across America and globally on our YouTube channel.

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