Unhappy With Handling on 700 Arctic Cat

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Dear Motorhead,

I recently bought an arctic cat 700 EFI and have been very disappointed in the handling characteristics of the machine.

I read your big bore shootout (volume 7 No 4) and I agree totally with your opinions on this machine.

My biggest complaint is the feedback and twitchiness through the handlebars when hitting small obstacles at speed. I’m almost afraid to ride this thing through a tight trail now.

Is there anyway I can improve on this situation and overall handling? The quad is totally stock including the tires.



Thanks for your email!

Sounds like you’ve had some extreme issues so far. I would suggest you first verify your snail cam preload settings on all four shocks (spring collar position).

Then increase the front preload snail cam collar at least one notch. As well, verify your tire pressure – I would suggest slightly increasing front tire pressures by one pound each. These changes will reduce front end roll-over and increase mid-turn stability.

Verify your handlebar position in the clamps as well. Makes sure the bars are not rolled forward – this increases feedback to your hands. The bars should be slightly laid back.

Motorhead Mark

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