What Does The “R” in 800R Stand For?

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Dear Motorhead:

What does the R in 800R stand for? I have asked several people at shows from BRP without a clear answer. My guess would be that it might have been a project code during development of this 800 at Rotax.

Just curious,



Thanks for your email!

I am assuming you are asking about the Rotax 80 degree Vee twin engine used in the Can-Am Outlander, Renegade and Commander?

Rotax has two 800R engines. One is a 2-stroke snowmobile powerplant and the other is a 4-stroke ATV/SXS engine.

In the case of the ATV/SXS mill the “R” designation was added two model years ago to the pre-existing 800 Vee twin as a result of a “tune-up” that netted a significant increase in peak HP, torque enhancements and better economy.

In the case of the Series III Rotax 800 2-stroke the “R” was added for similar reasons – to delineate the engine in a tuned-up version that recently became the first Direct Injection (DI) 2 stroke snowmobile powerplant in the business.

I think it safe to say “R” is the new “X” when it comes to enhanced engine performance from Rotax.

Motorhead Mark

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