What Happened to The Suzuki Vinson?

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Dear Motorhead,

I watch Dirt Trax every week and haven’t seen any info on the Suzuki Vinson 500.

I feel it should have been included in your 500 class shoot out. Its a good ATV and I just want to know what you think of it.



Hi Ron,

I fully agree. The Vinson 500 was a good ATV for its price category. The reason you haven’t heard anything about it on the show is because they stopped making the Vinson 500 and replaced it with the independently suspended King Quad in 2007 I believe.

The Vinson 500 was a really nice ATV and did have a great motor, which was one of its strongest attributes.

It was also very comfortable ergonomically and had a good feature list. Its biggest downfall was that it didn’t have IRS, which meant it didn’t ride as smooth as some of the other 500 class ATVs – it rode nicely for a solid rear axle ATV, but when you got off an IRS bike and onto the Vinson you could really tell the difference.

With that said the solid axle design did have its strong points, as all solid axles do. There are fewer pivot points to wear out, hooking on a trailer doesn’t cause the suspension to sag way down and there is far less perceptible body roll in the corners. All good things.

I hope this is the information you’ve been looking.

Luke Lester (Filling in for Motorhead)

Luke can bee seen weekly on Dirt Trax Television on OLN, Wild TV and Outdoor Channel

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