What’s The Best Hill Climbing ATV?

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Dear Motorhead,

I am considering purchasing a piece of land with a steep incline. What is the maximum incline which is safe for use of an ATV?

I am unfamiliar with different models of ATV so any assistance with models which are best on steep slopes, would be appreciated.



Thanks for your email!

Okay, this is a way, way too open question. You need to understand the limitations of your abilities before you purchase an ATV on the merits of its published incline potential.

An inexperienced rider can flip an ATV in a parking lot. Experienced riders can navigate slopes which far exceed what the owners manual of an ATV recommends – and this is not being irresponsible.

However, if you wish, check each model you are considering to see what the OEM says is the safe limit for inclines and descents.

That’s something you should research if you’re a novice.

Motorhead mark

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