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Dear Motorhead:

I am very interested in your opinion of the GBC dirt commander tire. I will be racing GNCC races and others alike, but cannot afford more than one set of tires for varying conditions.

I am racing the same Can-Am Outlander XXC that won the 4×4 open national title this year. (I bought it from Bryan Buckhannon).

I have run the ITP terracross in previous years on my Polaris 850 and they seemed fine, but GBC’s are lighter and cheaper.

I most likely am going to be running GBC no matter what so what other tire model would you suggest for my type of fast paced trail racing in ALL conditions?

Thank you DT!


Hi Morgan,

The Dirt Commander is a solid tire choice. We have used it on other vehicles in the past and have been very pleased with the performance it delivered for all around conditions.

If I had to pick one tire to do everything out of the GBC line up it would be the Dirt Commander. It features an 8-ply sidewall so it’s going to be a little stiff but strong and tougher to beat up or puncture. The stagger of the lug is great for heavy wet loam, dirt or mud.

It’s aggressive so you should expect more tire noise and handlebar feedback then a stock tire but a stock tire won’t get you very far in GNCC racing conditions so there is always a trade off.

The weight of the Dirt Commander is reasonable, nothing out of the ordinary for the quality, sidewall thickness and lug of the tire.

I wouldn’t steer you any other direction in the GBC line up as far as an all around tire goes, especially if you’re looking to race it and have it stand up to all types of riding conditions.

I think you’ve picked the best choice and you’ll be very pleased with the quality and ride-ability of the Dirt Commander. Just be sure you don’t buy too big/small of a tire as you’ll mess up your factory gearing, as well as the ride quality and steering effort.

Hope you enjoy racing!


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