Who Was First: Honda or Suzuki?

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Dear Motorhead:

I am doing a report for school on the history of ATVs and I was just wondering Suzuki’s slogan is or was the first on four wheels. A few episodes ago you gave credit to Honda for starting up the ATV business.

Can you clarify this? Was it Honda or Suzuki who started the business?



Thanks For your question!

It was definitely Honda who built the very first “All Terrain Cycle” a three wheeled “ATC” with high flotation tires.

There’s no debate on these three wheelers being the first “ATVs”. However, Suzuki in MY 83/84 launched the first “4 wheelers” they called them Quad Runners.

The first QRs were 125 and 185cc 4 strokes. To make things even more confusing, Honda was the first OEM to build a 4X4 4 wheeler. Are you with me?

So, Suzuki was the first to build an ATV with 4 wheels, Honda was the first to build an ATV – the three wheeled ATC and Honda was the first to put 4X4 in a 4 wheeled ATV.

That’s a concise as I can be – it’s a little confusing but if you listen carefully to our segment on Dirt Trax that’s how we spelled it out.


Motorhead Mark

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