Will I Lose Power By Upgrading My Tires?

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Hello I have a 2004 Honda Rubicon 500 and I want to put a 2 inch Highlifter kit on it and upgrade the tires to 27 or 28 inch.

My question is will the bike be able to turn the tires well without significant power loss or will I have to use a dyno jet kit to get power back?

Nick Ackerson


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Anytime you install larger diameter tires on an ATV there will be a noticeable loss of initial take-off power in high range. It’s all about ratio’s relating to tire diameter.

If you start with a healthy, powerful ATV you won’t notice much loss, however, if your ride is marginal in the power department with stock wheels, you’ll find yourself needing to use low range in tight, low speed running or tranny problems will crop up.

A jet kit for your Rubicon is a good idea under these circumstances but it will not replace the low-end snap you’ll loose from the bigger wheels and tires.

Good luck!

Motorhead Mark

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