Your Best In Class Pick Is Wrong!

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Dear Motorhead:

Polaris 500 as best in class? What a joke! Obviously it wasn’t rode in real conditions or for very long.

I have never met anybody that likes theirs as much as Grizzly owners like theirs. The Grizzly is lighter, fast handling and very comfortable.

Obviously Polaris gives you more sponsorship money!


Dear John:

Thanks for your email!
I suspect you may be in the top 5% of owners who are 100% loyal to their brand and rarely listen to anything about another product.

I’m not poking at you as you also tend to be an “influencer” among your friends and OEM’s love having you on their side!

Just to clarify, we didn’t pick the 500 Sportsman over the Grizzly 550 – we picked the Polaris Sportsman 550 XP as the BIC winner and the Grizzly and the 500 Sportsman were runners up.

We respect your opinion, however we ride em all and Yamaha is a good sponsor here as is Polaris – it’s ultimately all about the product.

Motorhead Mark

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