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Ride and Hide


KL Industries introduces the Quad Track ‘n Hunt, an ATV adaptable hunting blind. It easily attaches to your ATV cargo rack and sets up in just a few minutes.

The durable, water resistant blind features a versatile camo pattern, plenty of visibility and three shooting ports.

The interior sports comfortable seating with full back support, storage pockets and gun holders. Designed by Sportsmen for the Sportsman. Numerous optional features available.

Call 231-733-2725 x651

2-Up Numbers?


As a result of BRP Bombardier’s Max and Arctic Cat’s TRV two uppers not being recognized officially as ATVs (changing as you read this), the sales of these models are not documented in industry tallies.

From what we hear, neither Arctic Cat nor BRP are too anxious to let the rest of the industry know how these models are selling, anyway.

Spare Tire Racks


Boulder Mountain Terrain Products has recently introduced its new Spare Tire Carrier.

The chrome model is specially designed for the 2005 Polaris Sportsman and the black, powder-coated version is for 2004 and older Sportsman models with IRS.

The rack comes standard with a receiver for a ball mount-hitch and development is underway for other sport utes with IRS such as the Brute Force, King Quad, Outlander, Grizzly and various Arctic Cat ATVs.

Call 208-788-0934 for more details.

ATV Super Challenge Series


Press Release

For two years, no ATV could give the Yamaha Grizzly a run in the Mi-TRALE/Y-101 ATV Super Challenge Series. The Yamaha Grizzly also took the top 3 positions at 7 consecutive ATV Super Challenges.

That all changed in the 2005 Mi-TRALE/Y-101 ATV Super Challenge Series. At the first event in June, the Suzuki King Quad, driven by Michigan’s Jeff Walters forced a Nashville, Tennessee driver, Eli Gustafson, on a Yamaha Grizzly into the second of a Double Elimination feature. Walters pulled off the upset and was the first to derail Yamaha’s TOP DOG reign of supremacy.

Then Walters came back to defeat a different Michigan Driver, Jason Sullivan, on a Grizzly at the second event. Walters and his King Quad went undefeated at that event.

Now it’s the Grand Slam finale, Ewen, Michigan, Saturday, September 24th. This ATV Super Challenge is a part of the Ewen Log Jamboree and takes place at the permantly built ATV Super Challenge track in this Western Upper Peninsula community. It will be at this event that Tennessee’s Gustafson is set out to put Yamaha back in Victory lane.

The ATV Super Challenge series has two drivers racing side by side. This concept is catching on in different parts of the US. The Wisconsin ATV Association has already run 2 ATV Super Challenges, and will have their final race of the season the week after Michigan’s event, September 20th to October 2nd. The Wisconsin ATV Association ATV Super Challenge finals will take place in Gillett, Wisconsin.

While Wisconsin and Michigan follow the same rules for an ATV Super Challenge, the two circuits have different class breakdowns. The Mi-TRALE/Y-101 ATV Super Challenge series only has 4 classes. Two are for the 2-Wheel Drive machines, and 2 are for the 4 Wheel Drive ATV’s.

For more information on the Mi-TRALE/Y-101 ATV Super Challenge Series, contact Skip Schulz at 906-884-9668
For more information on the ATV Super Challenge in Gillett, Wisconsin, contact Gary Pemrich at 920-604-2040

Jet Power


Carter Brothers out of Brundidge Alabama, well known for its go karts and off road buggies, has added the Jet 50 youth ATV lineup to it’s growing list of offerings.

This mini ATV features a 4-stroke forced air cooled, 49.2cc engine, auto CVT transmission, electric start with remote kill, double wishbone front suspension and adjustable swing arm rear.

For more information, call Carter Brothers at 1-800-523-5278 in the US or Canadian Motorsports at 1-877-882-3774 in Canada.

2 Stroke Clean Smoke


Here’s a twist flying in the face of the commonly accepted belief 2-strokes are not environmentally clean. BRP, makers of Bombardier ATVs, Ski-Doo snowmobiles, Sea-Doo watercraft and Johnson and Evinrude outboard engines have been awarded the Clean Air Excellence Award from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) this past April.

No, BRP didn’t receive the award for 4-stroke technology but for its Evinrude E-Tec 2-stroke outboard motors. The E-Tec Direct Injection system received the EPA’s coveted endorsement as a result of the system’s ability to achieve carbon monoxide emissions 30 to 50 times lower than a similar 4-stroke outboard. At idle, emissions can be as much as 100 times lower.

Could this signal the return of 2-stroke ATVs? Stay tuned.

Big Bore Power

So how much power is too much power for an ATV? We can imagine this question is being thrown around in boardrooms, safety agencies and law enforcement offices throughout North America.

There’s now a formidable fleet of Sport Utility ATVs, some producing (almost unbelievably) more power than the highest performance Pure Sport models. Each of the Big Bore ATVs is fully capable of running well past 65 MPH and a few of them can exceed 70 MPH.

Is this too much power? In our opinion, no. These are among the best suspended, most powerful braking and best handling off-road conveyances we’ve ever sampled. This reason – suspension and handling capability in lock-step with power and speed – is why we do not fear these faster more powerful Sport Utes.

Know this: an inexperienced, helmetless, underage rider on an ATV with half this power is in far more danger than any of these vehicles ridden to their full capability by a responsible, properly attired, experienced ATV rider.

ATV Rescue

ATV mounted search and rescue initiatives are popping up all over North America.

A well organized group from Ontario, Canada is training and empowering ATVers to perform search and rescue work in both urban and rural environments (more this issue).

The Ontario ATV Search and Rescue Federation can be reached at www.oatvsarf.org or by keying “ATV Search and Rescue” into your search engine.

06′ Yamahas

Yamaha has certainly tweaked our minds with the intro of the three new 2006 4-wheelers. With the dominance of the incredible Raptor 660 the past four model years, bumping it up was a bit of genius.

However, our interest now is rooted in the transference of the new Rap mill into a Sport Utility model. Possibly a Grizzly 700 EFI?

Check out the latest issue of All-Terrain Vehicle Magazine for a full Raptor 700 EFI review.

400EX Gets a Face Lift

Honda’s new and improved TRX400EX with reverse is still a sweet Pure Sport – in our books.

While we pined for an updated power package on the venerable EX we have to say, we’re not disappointed by the new 400.

It has a fresh family look making it hard to distinguish from the TRX450R at a glance and the addition of reverse is just, well, superb.

There’s still tons of market space left for a serious but lower powered air cooled Pure Sport. The EX 400 fits the bill perfectly.