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400EX Face Lift


We were pleasantly surprised to hear about the improvements Honda has made to their venerable 400 EX, now called the TRX400EX.

Some in the industry suspected Honda might eliminate the EX as we know it and replace it with a liquid cooled version.

While a small bore liquid cooled Pure Sport ATV is still possible from Honda, we are pleased to see the air cooled 400 EX return with reverse gear.

At its sales peak before the arrival of a plethora of Pure Sports competition, the 400 EX was rumored to be selling as many as 25,000 units annually.

US Customer Survey Ranks Dueler A/T Revo As #1


(Press Release) — The Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo featuring UNI-T AQII™ technology is currently rated by consumers as the best Off-Road All-Terrain tire in the light truck/SUV category in The Tire Rack’s online customer tire survey (www.tirerack.com), a U.S. based high performance products distributor.

The Dueler A/T Revo received the highest rating in eight of nine individual tire performance categories in the survey, including dry traction, wet traction, snow traction, hydro resistance, cornering stability, steering response, ride comfort and noise comfort. And when asked separately which tire they would purchase again, respondents gave the highest rating to the Dueler A/T Revo.

With 18 other tires competing in the Off-Road All-Terrain category, the Dueler A/T Revo is the only tire to score a “superior” rating in all 10 rating categories. The complete results of the survey can be viewed at: www.tirerack.com/tires/surveyresults/surveydisplay.jsp?type=ORAT.

The Tire Rack maintains the independent online customer survey to help drivers assist each other by sharing their real life tire experiences. More than 76,000 surveys and 1.3 billion driver miles have been reported since 1997.

Winter Gas Tip


Another winter tip we live by around our offices is the mandatory use of isopropyl alcohol fuel de-icer in all of our rides during the winter months.

This “trick” is no trick at all and will ensure your wheeler starts and runs in cold temperatures. There are no ATVs in service in winter climates that do not accumulate some water in the fuel system. Water will eventually become ice in freezing temperatures and will limit or completely obstruct fuel flow.

If you see black smoke on cold starts it’s an indication of water in your fuel. Don’t take any chances – use only isopropyl alcohol based gas line anti-freeze, not methyl hydrate (it will say so on the label) in your fuel throughout the winter.

Kawasaki Introduces Brute Force 650


Kawasaki has launched a new big bore ATV. Take the smooth styling of the 750 Brute Force and cross breed it with the chassis layout of the Prairie 700 and you’ll get close to what the new 2005 Brute Force 650 is all about.

The big difference is price. The new 650 is targeted at the competition’s IRS 4-wheelers in the 500 to 600 range and absolutely nails the bulls-eye with big-time value.

Unlike the 750, the Brute Force 650 uses a swing axle rear suspension with a single, reservoir equipped shock and McPherson struts up front (the 750 uses parallel A-arms).

The 633cc SOHC twin is the same V-twin mill used in the original KVF Prairie. It transfers power through Kawasaki’s KAPS CVT tranny via shaft drive to the rear diff which encloses the multi-plate rear brake used on virtually all Kwacker Sport-Utes over 360ccs.

All the good stuff is included: digital instrumentation, selectable 4WD, trigger actuated locking front diff and a heavy duty trailer hitch.

At a quick glance, the only notable aesthetic difference is that the new BF doesn’t share the 750’s pencil beam headlights. Nevertheless, this is a lot of ATV for the money and we think it’ll grab a significant piece of the middle of the market for Kawasaki.

New ITP Mud Lite Kit


The Mud Lite XL is an excellent choice for all-around sport or utility riding. It’s an all-conditions tire designed for the trail, a trail tire that slings mud with the best of them!

Significantly lighter than comparable mud tires, the Mud Lite handles like a sport tire yet still offers 6-ply durability. Its unique center tread contact area provides a smooth ride on harder surfaces, while angled shoulder lugs find traction when the trail gets sloppy.
There’s no wonder why the Mud Lite has received rave reviews since its introduction two years ago.

This tire is then perfectly matched to ITP’s proven 12×7 Delta steel wheel. This wheel features a precision rolled rim and an ultra-tough stamped center featuring a unique D-window design.

Long popular as an OEM replacement, the Delta is 35% stronger than a stock wheel! New to the Delta line is this kit’s black powder coat finish, which looks great in any application but can be especially attractive to hunters.

All this, and at a price that can’t be beat! Now available for most popular sport and utility ATV models.

ITP is the world’s #1 ATV aftermarket tire and wheel source, with a complete line of innovative products for virtually all ATVs and applications.

To order, see your local ATV dealer. For a copy of ITP’s full-color product catalog, call toll-free: 1-800-859-4740. For other inquiries or technical advice, contact ITP at 930-A S. Rockefeller Ave., Ontario, CA 91761; (909) 390-1905. Or visit ITP’s website at ITPtires.com

Oregon Motorcycle Riders Association


(Press Release) The Oregon Motorcycle Riders Association (OMRA) recently completed their first competitive ATV “test” series with great success.

ATV racing in the Pacific Northwest is prime for expansion and OMRA is looking forward to a complete 12 round series in 2005.

Most events will be Grand Prix style with one Cross Country event to be held at the new Off-Road park in Heppner, Oregon. Included are two 4-hour ATV Team Races.

These are non-points events and a follow-up to the 2004 event which had 75 teams and over 200 riders.

For more information, see www.omra-online.org

2005 OMRA ATV GP & XC series
12 rounds in Series, best 10 races count toward year-end championship.
Jan 02 – *Hangover Hare Scrambles
Feb 27 – *4-hour GP team race
Mar 19 – GP
Mar 20 – GP
Apr 10 – *4-hour GP team race
Apr 30 – GP
May 1 – GP
May 15 – XC
May 22 – GP
Jun 05 – GP
Sept 11 – GP
Sept 18 – GP
Oct 09 – GP
Nov 12 – GP
Nov 13 – GP

(* not series points races)

The King Has New Clothes!


Here’s what you need to know about the King Quad. When you straddle the King, between your legs will be a twin cam, 4-valve, fuel injected, counterbalanced hot rod of an engine. Let’s not mince words here. This thing rips, shreds and throws terra-firma.

True, there’s no replacement for displacement and the King’s juice can sized piston spins out an urgent, immediate gush of power as soon as the CVT bites Kevlar. This immediacy is followed by an arm stretching pull to 60 MPH. We can legitimately liken the 700’s acceleration to a mid-size street motorcycle. Really.

Suzuki has designed and equipped it with an all-new, second generation independent rear suspension (IRS). This setup uses a single upper locating arm and a lower wishbone with a fully active anti-sway bar and coil over, preload adjustable shocks. Up front the King Quad uses double A-arms with coil over, preload adjustable shocks.

At this writing we think Suzuki may have aced the Big Bore class with the new King Quad 700 EFI. This all-new entry into the sport’s fastest growing, premium priced category requires every potential buyer in this segment to visit their Suzuki store and give the new King Quad a serious look-see.

The overriding principle here appears to be this: the King Quad wasn’t built to simply meet the competition. In virtually every area of its design and execution, it’s clear Suzuki was intent on beating the current standards set by the other players in the Big Bore Sport Utility Class.

Right now, from our perspective, it looks like they’ve accomplished that goal.

Big Bore, Big Hit


We recently asked, “Which all-new Big Bore ATV will be the biggest hit?” Of 446 votes, the results were as follows:

1. Polaris 800 EFI (169 votes – 37.89% )
2. Suzuki KingQuad 700 EFI (125 votes – 28.03% )
3. Kawasaki Brute Force 750 (94 votes – 21.08% )
4. Arctic Cat 650 H-1 (35 votes – 7.85% )
5. Kawasaki Brute Force 650 (23 votes – 5.16% )

Scroll down to participate in our latest poll. We want to know which photo from our All-Terrain Vehicle Magazine Photo Contest Finalists you think is the best. See volume 6 Issue Number 2 for all the photos…

Pushing Snow


If you live where it snows and own an ATV, you need to hear this: Your ATV can push snow. Lots of it.

For some ATV owners, the concept of adding a plow is a no-brainer. Thousands have been using quads for snow removal chores for years. That’s fine, but many don’t realize what a capable snow plowing tool their trusty 4-wheeler can be.

Polaris Glacier Plow

Here’s why the Glacier is a winner. Once the mount plate is bolted under the engine (essentially a summer skid plate when not using the plow) and a winch is installed, the Glacier can be hooked or unhooked in less than five seconds. Yes, five seconds. The Glacier kit is tough, durable and offers an adjustable angling feature as well as spring loaded trippers for encounters with immoveable objects.

BRP Angler Plow Kit

This kit uses a more common frame mounting system which, under most circumstances, means you’ll want to leave the plow on the ATV for the season. Sure, the blade can be dropped off and the bracketry can stay put for the summer but blade removal requires time.

The very best feature of the Bombardier kit is the driver operated power angler. When we say “power” we mean your muscle power. Nonetheless, having the ability to swing the blade left and right – without dismounting – is critical to efficient and successful plowing. Few plows offer this feature and once you’ve used it, you’ll never want to jump off your ATV to swing a plow manually again.

Camo Kubota


Kubota builds four different RTV900 configurations based on the same platform. Each is equipped with different features to fit almost any use.

RTVs are powered by a liquid cooled, 898cc three cylinder diesel pumping out 21.6 horsepower. This engine is mated to a three range (low, medium and high) Variable Hydrostatic Transmission (VHT). This unique transmission provides smooth acceleration, and unequalled engine-transmission braking. With a 1630 pound payload capacity and a cargo capacity of 1102 lbs, it’s tempting to carry some extremely heavy loads.

With McPherson struts up front, a semi-independent, leaf spring rear suspension and 8.3 inches of ground clearance, the RTV delivers an acceptable ride over most surfaces. Its high compression diesel engine and VHT hydrostatic transmission, featuring “transmission dynamic braking”, means merely releasing the throttle will nearly bring the RTV to a complete stop – even while traveling downhill.

There‘s also a rear hydraulic Auxiliary Remote Valve for hooking up any number of hydraulically operated attachments. The roomy, steel dump box is hydraulically actuated.