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DIRT TRAX TV 2021 – FULL Episode 3

The Rubicon Trail is one of America’s most gruelling trail systems! Can the RMAX 1000 handle it? Guest Correspondent Casey Cordiero is in sunny California tackling one of America’s most famous and most gruelling trails aboard Yamaha’s Wolverine RMAX 1000.

Then in TRAIL TECH, AJ introduces us to the Jemco Roto Kap sport utility box cap for the Polaris General.

The Yamaha Raptor 700R ATV is still a beast and remains a dominant force on the track and on the trail! It’s been 10 years since AJ’s last review of the Raptor and the industry has changed so much since then with only a handful of pure sport ATVs still being manufactured. Check out what AJ has to say about this monster in his full TEST RIDE.


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