2012 Kawasaki Teryx4

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Ever wondered just how fun it would be to have a few more buddies or family members along on an offroad adventure in your side-x-side? The advent of the 4-seater UTV has made now this a possibility.

There are many new multiple-passenger side-by-sides available these days and one that stands out for versatility and comfort at a decent price is Kawasaki’s Teryx4. This machine has brought classy design and V-twin power to a segment that continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

The new Teryx4 has a 750cc V-twin T2 powerplant to get you and your peeps moving. Kawasaki has packed this mill with just a little more usable horsepower, torque and a little better clutching to accommodate the extra torque needs.

The clutching in this Teryx4 makes throttle response seamless just like pressing the gas pedal in your Chevy. The combination of a CVT belt drive and the internal centrifugal clutch creates a smooth linear throttle response.

When the pedal is pressed to the floor, you’ll notice a little less arm-stretching power than the regular Teryx likely due to the additional raw materials needed to fit two more bodies in the cab, but its not enough to make the Teryx4 boring in any way – in fact it still hauls out the hard pack like a boss.

The suspension of the Teryx4 isn’t built for huge motocross doubles and hard licks to the wheels can give the driver a jolt. Keeping this in mind we found that the single chamber gas charged preload adjustable shocks on the front worked surprisingly well to smooth out rough sections of the trail. The piggyback, fully adjustable shocks out back smoothed out the bumps in the backseat keeping our passengers’ spines intact.

The engineers at Kawasaki really have a good thing going with the Teryx4 and have thought through just about every element that would impress a buyer. One notable creature comfort is the high back, super comfortable seats. The fact that your passenger can ride in comfort as well as the pilot can make a long ride more enjoyable.

Back seat passengers have the same comfy seats as well as a large passenger grab bar to hold onto. Keeping everyone in the seats are the anti-cinch three point seat belts and beautifully crafted half doors deliver added protection for the whole crew.

EPS is only available in the upgraded packages, but is worth every penny as it makes negotiating tight twisty trails or rough, rocky ridge climbs a snap. Other benefits to upgrading your package are piggyback shocks up front as well as out back and a sweet Camo paintjob is also available.

Overall Kawasaki’s Teryx4 could be the most versatile work and play vehicle for everyone in the family. With a price tag starting at $13,399 (US) there¬ís big fun to be had for the family or for getaways with friends.

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