2014 POLARIS ACE: Where Do We Go From Here?

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We haven’t seen anything before quite like the new Polaris ACE!

When it comes to rabid excitement from the troops in the trenches (that would be YOU!), there’s a ton of interest in this completely out-of-the-box vehicle that crosses lines between an ATV and a SxS.

Even the most devout doubters are saying it’s a great idea and they can’t wait to get a ride on one.

Hmm… we’ve gotta wonder where this puts Polaris as far as how many it will run down the assembly lines this year.

We just have to think the company has gone back to the drawing boards and said: “We have to build more of these things than we originally planned!”

Here’s the problem: The 330cc engine in the ACE is a one-off and it just isn’t like they can order up a ton of these things to fill larger-than-anticipated dealer orders.

This brings us to our next best guess. We think it will be a very short time before we see a 550 version of the ACE.

This potent Polaris big-inch single is flat-out a sure thing to appear in the ACE platform – and probably as soon as next model year. Knowing how you, the consumer, thinks when it comes to bigger and better, a more powerful ACE just makes sense.

We think demand for this unique (by today’s standards) vehicle will continue to soar and more and riders will start falling in love with the versatility it offers.

Here’s a thought: Look into your crystal ball and tell me if you don’t see five years down the road a 1000cc ACE with a wide kit and huge mud meats racing cross-country in a whole nationally sanctioned program of similar machines! Naw, probably too much, too soon.

However, it ain’t like it’s never happened before, is it?

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