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To say the least, the original 50-inch wide RZR was revolutionary. Polaris’s end of the pure sport SxS market has continued to evolve to the point where the top-of-the-line RZR XP1000 eclipses the base RZR 50-inch in top-of-mind awareness.

Why not, right? 107 ponies in the stable with dune-shredding, open fire-road power and the sickest long-travel suspension certainly gets our attention. So does this mean there’s no place for a powered-up narrow stance side-x-side? Heck no!

The 50-inch wide RZR is still the hands down sales leader in this class and Polaris has used this platform as its starting point for an incredible series of smaller, narrower side-x-sides. We’ve seen the RZR S at 60-inches, a 50-inch wide featuring a new 570 ProStar mill and, for 2014, Polaris has added an additional 5-inches to the base RZR 800 and bolted on a ton of great accessories. It’s called the RZR 800 XC.

The XC includes just about every aftermarket accessory you’d be shelling out for if you were to hop-up your base RZR to improve on-trail handling and performance.

It’s feature list includes 26-inch Maxxis Bighorn meats wrapped around sweet looking matte finish black and brushed aluminum rims, Walker Evans clickers at all four corners and deep dish PRP seats with a mesh drain that eliminates rain pooling in your seat or in the event your passenger wets himself from having so much fun.

At 55-inches wide you can still navigate through narrow sections of your favorite trail system then stomp on the gas to ignite the 760cc high output EFI parallel twin when the trail opens up and you wanna roost along open fire roads.

With Walker Evans gassers at all four corners, a wheelbase of 77-inches and 5-inches more width, there’s more stability when running flat-out across whoops and nice level cornering, too. Standard EPS offers excellent feel and softer response to impacts when the trail chatter wants to tear the steering wheel from your hands.

Without question narrow is here to stay and the 55-inch wide Polaris RZR 800 XC is another example of how this category will continue to evolve as its popularity grows.

Mike Lester
Mike Lester
Mike Lester is Staff Photographer and Digital Content Manager for Dirt Trax TV. He is also a Contributing Editor and Guest Correspondent on the show.

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