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Faced with the issue of keeping the 91 ponies found in the 2017 Sportsman XP 1000 under some kind of measurable control Polaris has added a tri-mode DBW (drive by wire) throttle control.

Make no mistake about it, tri-mode DBW is exceptionally functional, given the aforementioned horsepower numbers. Simply toggle to the throttle response mode you prefer for the terrain and riding style you’re participating in on any given day.

If picking your way through a rocky streambed is mandatory, select the softer, less edgy response mode. The engine will respond seamlessly and you’ll appreciate a well behaved 91 stallions.

All day trail touring activity is best handled with the mid-response mode. The engine feels stout and responsive but the beast is contained in a mid-size cage.

If it’s time to rip up a fire road where you’re in and out of the throttle with heavy modulation, go for the full monty mode. It’ll make your inputs near telepathic with immediate, abrupt and satisfying response.

We have a unique perspective on DBW, multi-mode throttles since our sister publication Supertrax is snowmobiling’s number one international magazine. Here’s our point – the snowmobile industry has been messing around with DBW throttles and coincidentally, multi-mode throttles for three years with mixed results.

We haven’t been overwhelmed by the feel of the DBW throttles from Ski-Doo (makers of Can-Am SXS and ATVs). While there is an argument for these electronic throttlesthat allow for different user profiles to take advantage of different engine attributes, we’ve heard mixed responses.

The sno-mo tri-mode DBW systems play to “eco”, “normal” and “sport” driving preferences. Honestly, we use “sport” ninety percent of the time.

The snowmobile rental business loves these DBW selectable throttles and sets them up so they stay in “eco” mode to limit power. Parents like the concept as well, training youths to ride in the least aggressive throttle mode is a desirable feature of tri-mode DBW.

We think the sno-mo biz could benefit from looking at the Polaris DBW throttle. Our impression of Polaris’ tri-mode throttle is positive at this writing. Stay tuned.

Mark Lester
Mark Lester
Mark Lester is Co-Publisher of SUPERTRAX Magazine and a regular Host on Dirt Trax TV.

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