A Leaner, Meaner Sportsman?

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Widespread rumors indicate Polaris is working on a new Sportsman platform.

There’s little doubt Polaris will move its new “rolled” independent rear end used only on the Sportsman X-2 (an all-new 2006 model) into more Sportsman models in the future.

The X-2’s rear suspension benefits from one of the industry’s latest catch phrases – recessive travel. This means the rear wheels actually move up and back in response to hits, rather than just up.

This concept uses the same principle as Can-Am’s unusual but effective Trailing Torsional IRS system and it works.

We look for more than just a rear suspension update on a new Sportsman. Don’t be surprised if the sport’s original IRS Sport-Ute platform goes on a no-fat diet before debuting in the next 12 to 18 months.

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