A Little Nytro Packs a Big Bang

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The shaft driven Nitro FRX90R is powered by a peppy 86cc single overhead cam 4-stroke with a 3-speed semi-automatic heel/toe shifter with reverse.

At first, this 3-gear concept was a bit confusing for our young rider having just come off a CVT, but after a brief lesson and a rip or two around our test track he got right into it.

Taking the time to teach your child to shift can open the door for future fun on a sport ATV or a dirt bike. The Nitro’s throttle limiter will also come in handy while you’re teaching your son or daughter the ins and outs of shifting. Reverse is also a big plus for an ATV in this category.

The Nitro FRX90R is a great bargain considering its feature load and power package. At $1,495 CDN (approximately $1,376 USD) plus freight, PDI and taxes, it’s priced significantly less than the youth offerings from the competition that weigh in at nearly double the price.

By saving this kind of money you can afford to outfit your kid with full riding and safety gear and have enough dough left over to gas up the Nytro for the entire season and still end up with spare change in your shorts.

One aspect that breeds skepticism in buyers is the availability of parts for these offshore ATVs. To battle this, Midwest includes its own worry-free 6 months parts and labor warranty. If for some reason you encounter an issue, you can be assured that it will be looked after and downtime will be minimal.

Visit MidwestCanada.com to see its complete lineup and call 1-866-899-7979 to find a dealer in your area.

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