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Before smoke shoots out your ears in a fit of rage, you need to understand we have had a lot of exposure to different ATVs over the years.

The 250 and 300 series Arctic Cats from the late 1990s and early 00s were workhorses to the max and, to be fair, never claimed high performance or technical sophistication.

The 300 was light on power but had a dual range tranny, limited slip front diff and 4WD.

Its rearward engine mounting was very unconventional and made the front end super light when you were traversing mud holes.

What sold us was its strange looking engine’s (the low-slung cylinder head hung out the front of the cases) incredible and sometimes downright unbelievable torque.

This engine would chug down to near-idle in mud like a World War II Jeep and never stall out.

There were constant times we knew we were in trouble when climbing or riding certain terrain and this engine-driveline combo would pull us through.

Cat’s 300 was low-cost and simply an amazing source of fun and entertainment.

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