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Riding in the southeast I encounter all different types of terrain. Big rocks litter the mountainous landscape and one quick jolt in a fast corner could be the demise of my tires or maybe even my ride.

Sport utility quads are heavy and tend to be rough on most anything mounted close to the ground especially my tires. I have always gone the extra mile buying expensive beadlock rims to provide extra protection against pinch flats if the tire gets jammed against a rock or a dirt bank.

I also like the fact that some aftermarket providers such as OMF Performance Products have adjustable centers for their beadlock wheels so you can change the offset to improve the way your ATV handles.

I love the confidence my beadlocks provide, but sometimes funds don’t justify paying for the extra aluminum and I have to wonder if a good reinforced rim would do the trick in place of a set of beadlocks.

Most ATV wheel companies build quality reinforced rims that add strength on the outside and inner lip of the wheel but is that enough?

Perhaps there is a more cost effective alternative to beadlock rims, or maybe with my conservative cash flow I’m just trying to convince myself that I don’t need to spend the extra cash.

The question is what would you do?

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