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While the final tally may be unavailable, its pretty much assured sales of new ATVs in 2011 will not reach the 300,000 unit mark, which is staggering considering just six years ago the industry peaked at over 900,000 units!

While this sales total is not stellar, there is a very bright star emerging: side-x-sides.

Here’s the problem with the incredible upward spiral of UTV sales: No manufacturer is reporting sales as a result of the lack of any OEM industry association in existence to report on behalf of the participants.

While ATV volumes have tumbled, SXS sales have skyrocketed. Polaris Ranger sales are rumored to be so large, they put their next nearest competitor at close to one fifth their unit volumes.

We think its reasonable to assume all UTV sales together are in the 200,000+ range and the bulk of these sales are coming from Polaris, Kubota, Kawasaki, John Deere and with only two models thus far, Can-Am.

The UTV industry has literally exploded onto the off road scene in less than five years growing from less than 50,000 units to its current level.

Taking a stab in the dark, it might be safe to assume the ATV and side-x-side business combined this year will occupy over a half million units.

Not a bad number considering these tough economic times.

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