Behind The Wheel: 2009 Polaris RZR S

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By: AJ Lester

If UTV enthusiasts had any doubt about the prowess of the base RZR, the RZR ‘S’ will absolutely open their eyes.

We’re sure Polaris engineers have had the RZR S figured out and ready for production for quite a while. No doubt they moved its intro ahead after reviewing more than a few bogus warranty claims stinking of over the top Sport bomb testing by pilots trying to squeeze too much out of their base model RZRs.

While the big fender flares look great, they’re just as important functionally. They keep the huge Maxxis Bighorns (rotating a full 5-inches further outside the chassis than a stock RZR) from turning you into a mud magnet.

The rear roll bar bracing looks off-road truckish and begs for a spare tire and xenon lights. Truth is, they add critical protection if things go bad sideways at 60.

The best thing about the upgraded “S” is how much happier and more confident the chassis is over a stock RZR when it’s pitched sideways with the throttle on.

Stock RZR owners know it takes finesse to keep the RZR from going over in certain hard pack, grippy conditions, specifically, dropping the throttle when you’re pitched full-lock sideways.

Its 10-inch wider stance and substantially beefed up suspension parts take advantage of the extra width and premium Fox Podium shocks to keep the “S” from nosing over.

When things get seriously puckered you can stomp on the easy button and rely on 30 percent more 800cc High Output juice to break the rear meats loose and get you back on track.

We’re serious here: at almost any speed short of WOT, the H.O. mill will break the Bighorns loose and lay the “S” into a beautiful, controlled powerslide.

A few cool pictures and a gold plated review may not convince you the RZR ‘S’ is the next great thing. Okay with us, but you better deal with this reality: We guarantee if you’re a real sport UTV rider it’ll only take one ride to sell you on just how potent this monster buggy truly is. Honest

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