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You can never be too prepared and getting the correct information to the emergency personnel in the event of an accident is crucial.

Back about 17 years ago I was active in the local volunteer fire department in the county that I lived in.

I spent many hours training as a first responder for medical calls and automobile accidents, had been an active fire fighter for over 8 years and eventually started my Georgia state EMT licensing classes.

We always pressed patients for crucial information so when the EMTs rolled them into the emergency room we’d have a plan for the doctors waiting there. This is something ATV and SXS riders could benefit from on every ride.

So what kind of information should you record and keep with you? Great question. You need to know your blood type, health conditions and details of any medication you may be allergic too.

Secondly, keep a list of medications you may be taking that could be adversely affected by emergency medications to treat problems developed in the accident.

Writing this information down on a waterproof tablet is a good way to keep it safe on the machine you are driving.

It might seem like a lot of trouble, but if you cannot speak for yourself, decisions are made for you that could be life threatening.

Thinking “It will never happen to me” gets more people in serious trouble on a daily basis and being ready for the worst will have you sailing through the lightest of accidents.

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