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WINNER: Outlander Max 800R LTD

The 2-up segment is a place where excess lives large. Each year, we’re seeing more 2-passenger ATVs loaded to the gills with incredible equipment and electronics.

The 2010 version of the Outlander Max LTD is a prime example. This year it ups its own ante with dual mode power steering and a fully adjustable-on-the-fly air suspension system.

Add this to the LTD’s regular list of upgrades like a 3000 lb. remote control winch, cool looking aluminum wheels with Carlisle radials, a touchscreen Garmin Nuvi GPS and you’ve got a dream-load of equipment.

Underneath it all is one of the industry’s most powerful V-twins and steadfast benefits like Visco-Lok 4WD, great passenger seating and excellent racks.

Can-Am simply put every conceivable comfort feature on the list and then executed each one in a classy way. It’s a big ticket ATV but if you’re the kind of person who wants it all, the Max LTD is an incredible package.


Polaris Sportsman 850 Touring EPS

Polaris has put pressure on the competition by upgrading the Sportsman Touring into a completely new, stretched version of the XP chassis.

All the great improvements the XP platform offers, like a transverse mounted engine and drive system, double A-arm “short-long” front suspension and “rolled” double A-arm rear, plus big 14-inch wheels, are found on the 2010 Touring.

To further sweeten the deal, Polaris added electronic variable ratio power steering and a trick, suspended passenger seat. It’s brand new this year and thus, we’re withholding our full drool rating… but look out next year!

Arctic Cat TRV1000 Cruiser

Arctic Cat has put its unique signature on the TRV 1000 Cruiser by offering long distance amenities like a nifty fairing with windshield and handwarmers to keep both the rider and passenger cozy in inclement weather.

There’s also a lockable hard-shell touring compartment at the rear so you don’t have to worry about getting your gear soggy when it rains.

The Cruiser is designed for covering big distances with two people onboard and its powerful 951cc V-twin is certainly up to the task.

From its trick aluminum wheels to its new electric diff-lock selector, this one is a strong contender for Best in Class.

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