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WINNER: Can-Am Outlander Max 800R LTD

We neglected this category last year but the popularity of 2-up riding is rapidly growing and we think there should be some kudos spread around.

Can-Am invented this category and the company’s understanding of what consumers want is impressive.

In this case, the consumer gets everything: A powerful EFI 800 V-twin, amazing Visco-Lok auto locking differential, a 3000 lb winch on the Max LTD and enough comfort to satisfy a constipated retiree from Miami.

There’s an unmistakable, confidence-inspiring overall feeling as far as balance and maneuverability goes with Can-Am’s 2-uppers in every engine configuration.

The beauty of this product is it offers complete satisfaction whether being ridden with one person or two.

This year, a more powerful, upgraded engine and a bulletproof CVT makes the experience even more satisfying.

RUNNERS-UP: Polaris Sportsman Touring, Arctic Cat TRV 1000 H2 Cruiser

SPORTSMAN: If it were all about ride, the Sportsman would win hands down. Its rolled IRS offers the driver and passenger incredible comfort and its list of amenities is right there with the competition.

Frankly, you can’t go wrong with any of the three choices in this class and the Touring is a perfect example of an ATV that offers virtually everything a family can ask for in a 2-upper. We’re especially hooked on the extra storage area under the front rack.

ARCTIC CAT: Talk about the ultimate 2-up experience! The 1000 Cruiser is likely the fastest way to go off-road on an ATV with two people and offers an elaborate menu of comfort features including a full fairing with, get this, built-in cup holders for the driver.

Included are driver and passenger adjustable handwarmers, special storage areas and an incredibly comfortable 2-up seat. This 4-wheeler is like a big comfy couch with retro rockets underneath. Truly unique!

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