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Presented to the manufacturer producing a vehicle best fulfilling the demands of the Sport consumer in the areas of value, quality, features, performance ride, comfort and handling.

WINNER: Suzuki Quadracer 450R

In the high tech world of Pure Sport ATVs the bar is being continually raised as manufacturers duel to produce the most sophisticated, lightweight and race-ready packages. The Suzuki Quadracer 450R hasn’t just raised the bar; it’s changed the game!

This Suzuki leaves the competition behind, delivering a truly competitive out-of-the-box set up. The 450cc mill exceeds the competition in power through the use of Electronic Fuel Injection, titanium valves and a 3-ring piston squishing a 12:1 compression ratio. All this motor-tech is packaged tightly in a low CG chassis while weight is reduced using loads of aluminum and magnesium.

This serious race weapon comes standard with a steel rear swing arm, 20×7 meats up front and 18×10’s in the rear.

Beautiful, fully adjustable piggyback Kayaba race shocks and a super wide double wishbone front end are dead serious racing cues.

Acting as if big factory horsepower isn’t enough, Suzuki wants your adrenaline pumping even more.

Go ahead, pop the silencer cover off, pull out the “cork” and install a thirty dollar Yoshimura “Cherry Bomb” on the EFI’s ECU to instantly gain eight additional horsepower.

Not only the easiest ponies you’ll ever install but by far the cheapest horsepower gain available for any Pure Sport ATV. All these premiums features combine to land the Quadracer at the top of its class and make it our 2006 Best in Class Pure Sport ATV.


The radically different and all-new for 2006 Polaris Outlaw simply cannot be overlooked. This independently suspended Pure Sport rooster will walk over all other sport ATVs when ridden on real world trails.

Sportsman-like ground clearance means the Outlaw can boldly go where no Pure Sport rider has gone before. If this isn’t enough, the much anticipated 525 KTM powered version will be sure to turn heads.

Another force to be reckoned with is the rejuvenated Yamaha Raptor 700 EFI. A completely redesigned platform makes the Raptor lighter, nimbler and more capable on both trails and race tracks.

Its 700cc EFI mill is amazingly responsive, producing huge bottom end torque and sizable top end horsepower. The late introduction of the Raptor SE adds an upgraded suspension package the standard Raptor 700 was begging for.

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