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We’ve combed over your comments posted in each part of our 2-upper comparo series and many of you asked us to commit firmly to a winner in this category.

Well, we actually did pick a winner and published it in ink in the 9th Annual DirtTrax Magazine Best In Class Awards issue this past fall. How’s that for commitment! Here’s our pick…

WINNER: Can-Am Outlander Max 800

Can-Am invented the 2-up category and its new G2-based series of 2-uppers are premium vehicles.

There are several different V-twins to choose from: 500, 650, 800 and 1000cc options. Though we like the the other three, we love the 800 most! This power and displacement range is just about perfect for 2-passenger trail riding and when you shed the extra passenger and seat-backrest, the 800 is an exciting ATV to ride alone.

Since features and comfort amenities are a large part of the 2-up buying experience and all manufacturers seem to fall in line with a comprehensive list of “stuff” for this king of riding, it really comes down to execution.

TEST RIDE: 2013 Can-Am 1000 Outlander Max XT-P

We’ve found the Can-Am takes the sum of all its features – suspension compliance, rear passenger comfort, power and handling, puts a bow on it and combines it into one extremely complete package.

Since 2-up ATVs tend to be ridden on longer rides than single passenger wheelers, this one affords the best riding experience for both participants over the long haul.


Polaris Sportsman XP Touring 850HO LE

We’ve put a lot of miles on XP Touring Series Polarii and the 850 continues to impress. With it’s narrow footrests and transverse mounted powertrain there’s a great level of comfort for both riders.

Its suspended passenger seat is a unique innovation that guarantees premium comfort for the rear passenger.

Best of all is its 850 parallel twin. With two humans and gear loaded up, this engine provides just the right level of power and torque to deliver smoothness and easy riding all day.

Arctic Cat TRV 700 LE

Cat’s 700 single is an icon of torque and proves you don’t need a 2-cylinder engine to get great power and riding ease out of a 2-up chassis. Roomy ergonomics for the driver are prioritized and there’s excellent forward vision for the rear passenger.

In line with the use 2-uppers need from their vehicles, Arctic Cat has been careful to build-in storage capacity and a list of comfort amenities but we’d like to see a standard anti-swaybar and a bit more rear suspension compliance.

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