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WINNER: Can-Am Outlander 1000

This represents a change in our coveted BIC awards for the first time in a couple years!

Awarding the BIC for Best Big Bore to the new G2 Outlander 1000 was not difficult and here’s why: This is the most outrageous and powerful ATV ever built. We suspect it could give a full-on race ready 450 pure sport a very good run.

Okay, now we’ve got the power issue out of the way, there are other reasons beyond horsepower that earned the Outlander 1000 BIC status this year.

The all-new G2 chassis featuring anti-dive front double A-arm geometry and a completely re-invented twin torsion arm rear IRS is not just an improvement nor is it just capable; it is clearly the best handling and best riding ATV BRP has ever produced.

The G2 brings the Can-Am’s ride quality into close contention with the Polaris Sportsman XP chassis – its that good.

The former limited compliance of the rear suspension and the somewhat choppy front end of the old chassis has vanished and has been replaced with supple, controllable and exceptionally comfortable ride compliance.

Even the squealing from the old inboard brakes has disappeared now that the brakes are moved outboard.

The 1000 Outlander is a worthy BIC winner this year.


Polaris Sportsman XP 850

This chassis sets the standard for both ride quality and predictable handling in the big bore segment.

This year the 850 received a 15-percent power injection from a reinvented intake system.

While we’ve never thought the XP needed more jam, with Can-Am’s OL 1000 taking the BIC largely on its imposing power, its probably a good move on Polaris’ part.

Clearly the XP is a winner in our books as a result of its incomparable ergonomics and exceptional suspension calibration.

Can-Am Outlander 800

Yeah, we know. we already gave the BIC to the outlander 1000! Here’s the deal, the “old” Outlander 800 was a worthy ride and immensely powerful in its own right.

With the new G2 platform wrapped around this proven, torquey, melodious engine, Can-Am is taking no prisoners in this segment.

We’ll be watching sales over the next year to see what effect two fire-breathing Big Bores have on Can-am’s already rising market share.

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