BEST IN CLASS: Best Hardcore SXS

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WINNER: Polaris RZR XP 900

Clearly Polaris knows the side-x-side biz and knows exactly what its doing every time it releases a new model. Case in point: The RZR 900 XP.

This rendition of the RZR is a complete departure from the former 800 and 800S (still being offered). Polaris took big risks changing the game to such a degree and it has paid off.

This vehicle was so perfectly timed for launch and so amazingly well-engineered it made former models look obsolete. It is rumored that Polaris side-x-side brain-trust can actually levitate large objects as well.

If you’re wondering how we feel about the XP 900 we’ll say it succinctly – this is the stinking-most radical, unbelievable dirt-bound off road vehicle we’ve ever been exposed to. It is positively sick to drive and will leave you giggling and in need of a change of shorts.

The all-new purpose built mill screams, the chassis can rail holes and moguls deep enough to park a truck in and the thing flies like a 737.

If we had a gold plated BIC, we’d give it to the RZR XP 900. We don’t, so the current BIC will have to suffice.


Arctic Cat Wildcat

We know – you’re wondering why the Wildcat didn’t get the BIC. After all, it looks like it might have the RZR 900 covered, right? Unfortunately, we can only provide rudimentary ride impressions do date.

However, we can tell you after checking out its tight design features at the intro in Barstow last fall, sitting in it, drooling over it, we are impressed and expect to be dazzled during our long-term evaluations.

Polaris 800 RZR-S

The arrival of the RZR-S was perfect timing in terms of seeding the market with the reality of a factory-built, consumer available high performance side-x-side.

The RZR-S in our opinion is (at least until we complete long-term testing of the Wildcat) the second best Hardcore UTV and it is an incomparable bargain.

Yes, the 900 is insane, but you might want to check out the “S” and be honest with yourself: its more than most hairy-chested men can handle.

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