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Winner: Polaris Sportsman XP 850 EPS

We have to think, among the most coveted awards any manufacturer can receive, is our BIC award for the best Big Bore Sport Ute.

Why? There’s no doubt ATVs in this class reflect the highest levels of technology and sophistication. There’s good reason why these 4-wheelers receive so much techno-whiz bang – they sell big and carry the highest price tags.

Polaris invested jillions in the remaking of the Sportsman two model years ago. The XP chassis is clearly the most innovative one in the biz but there’s more to it than just trickery.

The controls are seamless in their operation, the ride is as yet unequaled in its plush, controlled and precise feel and its power steering system is so good, you can’t fathom not having it.

The 850’s power is almost overwhelming yet completely controllable, while its ergonomics are simply the best in the industry.

We’re aware this is the second year the XP has taken our BIC laurels but, doggone, our voting editors agreed, it fully deserves it.


Yamaha Grizzly 700FI AUTO EPS

The biggest Grizz is a superb ATV, offering one of the lightest overall packages in a class full of heavyweights. Its strongest suits are its immensely torquey EFI single and Yamaha’s intangible yet highly esteemed reliability.

There’s nothing in the industry that has proven itself time and time again like the Yamaha Grizzly platform. Its CVT tranny is bulletproof, the engine will likely outlast its owner and the durability of the entire package is frankly, indisputable.

Can-Am Outlander 800R

This ATV set the bar high for raw engine performance when it arrived earlier this decade. Can-Am’s Outlander platform has been nicely upgraded recently with EPS and it makes a remarkable difference to its handling.

Can-Ams command larger MSRPs than most competitors however their top drawer engineering and high quality assembly and finish appear to be delivering equally high resale.

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