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WINNER: Yamaha YFZ 450X

Yamaha has been a leader in the 450 market since day one and until this year promoted its 450 for mostly track and limited trail use.

This year the YFZ 450X answers cross country racers’ needs for a narrower YFZ with all the same trick off-road equipment including a great engine with EFI, high end suspension components and the legendary YF-Z reputation.

With GNCC racing making serious headway in both manufacturers’ and buyers’ minds, the 450X is a surefire hit for Yamaha and will no doubt join the long list of best selling Yamaha Sport 4-wheelers.

However, the original motocross targeted YFZ 450 remains one of the best choices for both novice and experienced racers for all the same reasons.

Just add a set of different tires, fuel it up and you’re ready for the podium.


Suzuki QuadRacer 450

The strong, silent type often doesn’t need to say much to prove a point.

The 450 QuadRacer is one of the most capable racing ATVs in the industry delivering high end racing equipment on a dealer available platform with zero MX compromises.

Always a favorite is the under $50 eight horsepower gain when meshing the Yoshimura Cherry bomb ECU plug-in with the stock QR electronics.

From a cash standpoint, Suzuki takes the podium every time.


There’s no doubt that when cubic dollars aren’t an issue the KTM 505 MX is the most potent track-only Open Class ATV in the industry.

Factory equipped with impressive suspension components, a killer motor and exemplary driveline, the 505 MX is everything a Pro could dream for.

With the most potent motor in its class by a long shot, the 505 mill extrudes huge horsepower with a simple carbureted design, proving there is no replacement for displacement.

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