Big Bear 400 IRS 4×4

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The Big Bear has been thoroughly modernized and now offers independent rear suspension. This all-utility model had been lagging the last couple years and, although there’s always demand for a utility focused ATV in any model lineup, Yamaha had previously been filling the sales gap with the 400 and 450 Kodiak.

But the rugged new Big Bear 400 IRS 4×4 with its air and oil cooled 386cc SOHC single and 5-speed semi-auto transmission is a perfect match to the kind of work required on job sites, farms and ranches.

Now with a double A-arm rear suspension, this durable, no-nonsense 4-wheeler will stand up to the heavy lifting and hard towing the Big Bear name has become synonymous with – all while delivering premium ride, ground clearance and traction from a much more supple rear suspension.

Although the Big Bear IRS won’t offer high/low range it does have electric selectable 4WD and utilizes an extremely low first gear for getting started with heavy cargo on board.

Braking comes from dual hydraulic discs up front and a new fully sealed, oil bath, inboard multi-disc system at the rear. Engine braking is gained through the gear-on-gear tranny and, when in 4WD, slows all four wheels when the throttle is chopped.

On-command diff-lock is another new feature that will be appreciated in the workplace. Even better, the new Big Bear comes standard with ITP Mud Lites at all four corners.

Tons of value here and the Big Bear has definitely gotten our attention.

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