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It never ceases to amaze me how loyal some people are to a particular brand and it’s like a judgment against their soul to speak anything against it.

I read a blog recently about how much some guy loved his 2000 Yamaha Big Bear 400. It was the best thing since sliced bread to this guy and with many years of service on his little ranch he could never be convinced there was or ever will be a better machine.

I know there are certain ATVs I feel comfortable on. There are others that feel like riding a rocket ship through the woods and there are also a few that could be parked and never looked at again.

I remember when the Suzuki Z-400 came out in 2003 and I just had to have one. It was the new sport quad on the scene and with a few modifications I had it rolling through the pits at a local GNCC race.

I remember the engine felt like a rocket compared to anything I had ridden before and after many miles in the saddle I got the opportunity to ride the next big thing, but it just it wasn’t the same.

Why do we fall in love with a brand? Maybe it’s a positive experience we had with friends while riding. Without question this could trigger a bond between rider and vehicle. Maybe we rode it to a win at the local racing series or maybe it was years of trouble-free use. So we have to ask, why do you like your ATV?

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