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Exclusive Editorial By: AJ Lester

After taking a few laps to warm up and get the feel of the 450, all of the stuff we loved on paper came to life and allowed me to not only ride harder and faster but to do it with less fatigue.

The 450 mill not only uses big-time torque to pull hard in short approaches to big air jumps but also gallops hard on the long straights. Its EFI power delivery is crisp, smooth and urgent.

In-air service was exceptional and allowed me to manipulate the bike, mid-air, with almost no effort, showing that centralizing the mass and lowering unsprung weight really does make a big difference.

Think lightness: Where most other ATVs would make you pucker and prepare for a rough hit, even the shortest landings didn’t kick the back end harshly, making for a buttery smooth transition from air to ground.

Tracking, in the tilled-up heavy clay corners was exceptional and the DS obediently went where it was pointed every time. Braking with the all-new Wilwood reverse caliper braking system was beautiful and produced a predictable, no-brainer braking experience.

Ergonomics were perfect for my 6-foot plus frame. At the end of the day we were left wondering if there was anything negative to point out on this beautifully crafted machine. There wasn’t.

We recommend you beg, borrow or rent a ride on this new Can-am and judge for yourself. It might be hard to just get a look at one, let alone find an unsold unit to buy, once dealers can actually get their hands on them.

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