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The Can-Am XTP is a full-on high performance biased twofer using the same shocks and bead-lock rims as the very serious race-driven XTP one-passenger Outlander.

The suspension package may look racer serious (because it is) however, we discovered the shocks are valved and sprung perfectly for carrying a passenger.

A noteworthy effect of good quality shocks is the ability to wick up the throttle with a full passenger load and not suffer abuse from a screaming, angry rear passenger.

Truth is, you can go faster 2-up on this Outlander Max than you can on many highly respected one-uppers, solo. It was an almost confounding reality to stay with a pack of one-uppers on the XTP and not feel like our lives were on the line.

The Max passenger backrest is jibungous and firmly planted on the chassis. There’s no wiggling or wobbling in jiggly terrain with this highly supportive, firmly mounted backrest.

TEST RIDE: 2013 Can-Am 1000 Outlander Max XT-P

It was interesting to see how passengers would actually push themselves back into the backrest when approaching what looked like potentially rough terrain. We would have expected passengers would want to move ahead and support themselves with their legs. However the seat, combined with the suspension is highly effective in fighting gnarly bumps.

Completely countering our praise for Max ride quality is the lack of rear passenger hand heaters – a serious oversight we’d recommend any potential buyer deal with by adding aftermarket hot grips.

The XTP’s rear passenger handholds are superbly positioned and ergo-correct. They’re exceptionally comfy while allowing the rider to gain a confidence inspiring grip on the Max when powering tight turns or cresting negative G-outs. Footrests are raised and grippy and most importantly, feel like they’re exactly in the right position.

Despite the sporty personality of the XTP, mud protection is excellent. There’s also a very useable rear rack area with the seat installed.

Seat removal can be quickly accomplished pressing a lever while lifting the entire backrest-seat combo off the Outlander. Once removed, you’ll be presented with a gaping hole in your Max XTP demanding the installation of an accessory snap-in tool/cargo box.

Can-Am has done its homework here and we’re impressed by the “sit-in” rather than “sit-on” feel of the Max passenger seat. Its seat design contributes to passenger comfort in a substantial way and looks more like a saddle than a seat.

The XTP simple mows down bumps, rollers, jigglers and square edge ruts as the rear dampers are fully adjustable with compression and rebound clickers providing lots of adjustability for loading up cheeseburger-fed passengers.

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