Confidence On The Track

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Is it correct to say that looks equals confidence? I think so in most cases.

When people feel good about their appearance it often shows through in their work. Does this also translate into the world of ATV racing?

Confidence is something that carries riders into the next level and if a new graphic kit makes you feel fast then by all means get it on your ATV.

Many riders pull up onto a starting line and check out the competition. Maybe they’ll think one rider looks faster because of his graphics or color scheme, but if they feel like another rider looks better than them it could impact how they perform during their race.

If you have old ratty gear for half a season and then put on brand new complete from top to bottom riding gear it does give you an edge in your mind that should most often translate to a better ride on the track or trail.

Products can also boost a racer’s confidence. Tire Blocks help prevent flats, which is sure to make a rider go just a little harder on the track knowing that’s something they don’t have to worry about.

Every ounce of confidence you can gain from an edge will make you a little better overall.

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