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Ever think about those gnarly rocks that grind along the bottom of your brand new side-x-side and the damage they do to the underbelly of your ride?

Lets say you get a brand new 2013 Pearl White Can-Am Commander for Christmas this year. Do you really want its underside to get all bashed up on your first run through a rough trail?

Most OEMs manufacture their very own skidplate accessories and aftermarket protection. Some are included stock and others are packaged together in the purchase price when you pick your ride up from the dealer.

Can-Am has really tough all aluminum aftermarket skid plates for every section on the Commander. If you are financing the purchase anyways, why not outfit yours to the extreme? The difference in your monthly payment would be minimal and your ride would definitely be more protected and look cooler than your buddy’s.

For the owner without a garage to park his machine in, a roof is probably as smart a purchase as buying a winch.

Keeping the elements out of the cockpit will greatly reduce the weathering of the seats and components. The sun can be more damaging than the rain in some cases, plus a roof keeps these elements off you and your riding partner when you get caught in a a storm or the sun is blazing down on you.

If you’re making a new purchase or looking to bring some life to your aging ride, visit your brand’s website and check out some of the aftermarket accessories available to you. Sometimes a few extra bucks can add years to your ride so you can get the most out of your off-road experience.

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