Elka Piggyback Suspension for Polaris Ranger RZR

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It’s no secret side by sides are a hot topic for aftermarket manufacturers. The proliferation of SxS performance parts has been huge the past year.

Our All-Terrain Mag RZR has been a test bed for some seriously cool aftermarket parts. While chrome rim bling and the thump of a hyped up exhaust system impresses onlookers, it’s sometimes what looms beneath the glitter that makes the most dramatic improvement and ultimately turns heads.

We’re definitely guilty of going for gold with chrome ITP SS rims, pre runner bumpers and full aluminum skids before we attacked what really counts, better suspension.

While the stock suspension isn’t terrible, if your pleasure comes from extreme off-road riding, including lining up 40 foot doubles, you’re going to need some bigger, beefier shocks and springs to handle the earth shaking abuse these kind of events generate.

In stock trim you’re without any meaningful adjustability to improve the RZR’s ride under extreme conditions. Damping and incremental spring preload adjustability will help you line up proper trajectory and get the RZR flying like a 737 – just the way you like it.

We researched what was being offered to improve RZR suspension and decided to try out a set of four Elka piggyback shocks with dual rate springs and both compression and rebound adjustability. We weren’t sure what to expect when the mailman dropped the Elka boxes at our shop filled with these beautiful dampers. One thing was sure – we knew we were in for a treat.

Glistening black and red anodized piggybacks wrapped with blue springs scream high performance. By offering both high and low speed compression adjustment, the Elka’s allow you to dial in your RZR’s ride and provide the improved feedback and bump absorption you’re looking for.

Rebound adjustments make for big changes in ride quality while the high and low speed compression settings produce a huge variance in chassis feel in both rollers and square edge hits.

The 16mm shaft is incredibly strong and begs you to abuse it while the entire set up is fully re-buildable and serviceable. In a less techy description, you can rip up just about anything from MX tracks to gnarly power roads and these shocks will tempt you to ride harder.

Talk is cheap so we put these Elka shocks to the test, pushing our stock width RZR with 27-inch Terra Cross tires higher than any other SXS we’ve tested. Actually, we can drive the RZR as hard or harder than some Sport ATVs now we have the Elkas providing vastly improved control and ride.

At the end of the day, this package delivers ride quality on a par with very few suspension manufacturers. Elka delivers the goods in a top drawer, classy way and back up the sweet looking package with bomb proof durability and buttery smooth performance.

If you’re looking for a longer travel option, Elka offers extended travel versions of these shocks as well as a variety of other RZR suspension packages designed to tailor your RZR to the terrain you ride.

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