FIRST IMPRESSION: G2 Outlander 1000

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Nothing exceeds like excess is an addage someone must have sky-written over Valcourt, Quebec.

I mean, come on, how outrageous is it to add even more power to the sport’s most formidable Sport/Utility platform – the Can-Am Outlander 800?

This year BRP not only completely re-engineered the Outlander chassis, adding some very techy suspension tweaks, which in a word spell “P-L-U-S-H”, but they inserted the SXS industry’s most imposing engine in the all-new chassis – the Commander’s 80 degree Vee-1000 EFI twin.

What is this mill capable of when inserted in a 4X4 Sport/Ute ATV? In a word – anything.

To wrap up our first impression of the new G-2 Outlander 1000 let me quote DirtTrax TV’s Luke Lester after riding both the new G-2 800 and 1000 Outlanders: ” I never thought an 800 Outlander felt slow until I rode the new 1000!”. Nuff said.

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