FIRST LOOK: 2015 Wildcat Sport Limited

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We’ve been so impressed with Arctic Cat’s 50-inch wide Wildcat Trail. If you’ve seen our intro and AJ’s test ride on DirtTrax television you get just how we feel about it.

We’d suspected something a bit more aggressive might turn up in the Cat lineup and for 2015 Cat has stretched the Trail out to 60-inches, which bridges the width between the Trail and the original Wildcat.

As it was rolled out on stage tonight at the dealer convention in Las Vegas, a few details of the 2015 Sport Limited grabbed our attention and had us eager to get up next to it for a closer look.

The Limited features full doors to keep legs, feet and arms all inside the cockpit. They also look really sweet and compliment the overall appearance of the graphics adorning the Wildcat Sport Limited.

Furthermore, the Sport Limited features Elka Stage 5 aluminum piggyback gassers with dual-speed compression and rebound adjustability. We’ve used these shocks on Trail tech projects in the past and the ability to tailor ride compliance is a highly underrated feature that you’ll grow to appreciate with every ride.

More options on the 2015 Wildcat Sport Limited include variable tilt steering so you can find the perfect steering wheel position to maximize space and comfort in the cockpit, 12-inch cast-aluminum wheels and variable assist power steering, which will make the already light and nimble steering feel utterly effortless.

From everything we’ve seen this unit is dressed to impress. There’s so much performance in this package we’re chomping at the bit to get our unit on the ground and ride the Wildcat Sport to its limits.

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