FIRST LOOK: ITP Tundracross

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These new TundraCross tires have nearly 100 carbide-tipped, steel case studs strategically placed for maximum performance on ice and snow.

Their lugs look a lot like automotive ice tires, with more edges to grip hard packed snow and ice and 4-ply bias construction tire casings are kept light for maximum floatation.

Those carbide studs have no mercy on whatever surface they come in contact with, not only clawing their way through ice and snow but over frozen logs and dirt.

When the temperature drops and ground surfaces get hard and frozen, traction becomes far more challenging. In these conditions, standard rubber tires slip and slide until forward progress ceases.

Since your wheels are still spinning, friction and temperature increases between the tire and the ground causing the snow and ice to melt, glazing the ground at those points of contact.

Momentum is crucial when navigating through these conditions. ITP’s TundraCross tires are riddled with attributes to help keep you moving forward and over whatever frozen challenges come your way.

Hey, why not look good doing it? Our test tires were mounted on ITP’s new SS312 wheels with custom SS wheel caps. These lightweight, one-piece aluminum wheels come with a lifetime structural warranty. If you bend or break them, ITP will replace them.

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