FIRST RIDE: 2014 Ranger 570 LE

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Polaris’ mid-sized Ranger chassis is favorite around the DirtTrax offices and without question this chassis with Polaris’ legendary 500cc mill stuffed under the seat was a winner.

A few years back we saw the lineup expand with the introduction of a 400 version, which was accompanied by perhaps the most aggressive price tag amongst side-x-sides. Then last season we saw the 800 tucked into this chassis. It seemed like Polaris had it all covered and there was nothing left to do in this category except dominate.

Then late this summer the Minnesota based company pulled the sheets of a new mid-sized Ranger with a mill that would replace (WHAT?) yes, replace the potent mid-bore 500cc version.

We saw the ProStar 570 make its entrance a few years back inside the 50-inch RZR, which everyone here at DirtTrax agrees is up at the top of the list of fun rides. Now for 2014 we see this mill tucked neatly into the mid-sized Ranger frame bringing along with it 25% more power and electronic fuel injection.

Inside this chassis, the 40 horsepower 567cc ProStar mill packs a wallop and might actually leave you wondering why you’d want an 800. You can navigate tree-lined trails at a moderate clip and when you need more jam, it’s there and throttle response is instant.

This UTV can handle the workload too with its tilting rear dump box, 2-inch hitch receiver and 1250-pound towing capacity. It’s perfect for hauling firewood or soil, or for pulling a small boat out to your favorite fishing hole.

The Gold Mist LE version we tested came equipped with Electronic Power Steering. If you’ve ridden any SXS lately with EPS, you’ll quickly recognize its value inside the $1600 (US) premium over the base version. If not, there are cast aluminum rims, a slick paint and decal job and two-tone cut-and-sew seats to make the case.

We feel the seat foam of this Ranger is a little light and our boney butts could use just a touch more cushioning and though the cut and sew seats look fantastic, we think there might be a better material with a bit more grip as we found ourselves sliding on the bench as we maneuvered around corners.

There’s also the absence of tilt steering and though we did find the base setting quite comfortable, this would be a welcome standard feature.

The Ranger 570 is a ridiculous value. It rides and handles exceptionally well and there’s plenty of power on tap to get the job done whether it’s work or play. This side-x-side would be a welcome addition to anyone’s garage and we can’t wait to pile on more miles in the coming months.

Stay tuned to the upcoming issue of DirtTrax Magazine and keep watching DirtTrax Television for a full report!

Mike Lester
Mike Lester
Mike Lester is Staff Photographer and Digital Content Manager for Dirt Trax TV. He is also a Contributing Editor and Guest Correspondent on the show.

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