Fuel Economy and Your Toy Hauler

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Pulling a trailer to your local ride area can be hard on your wallet and with fuel prices being what they are, it can be quite a juggling act to keep the tank full regularly.

I’ve recently become focused on the fuel mileage of my trusty 2005 Chevy Duramax 2500 turbo diesel.

I purchased the truck from a friend who had bought it new and I know the truck has been well maintained since because I do most all of the work on this hauler. I can tell you it’s quite a difficult task getting a few more miles per gallon out of it.

Diesels have many little improvements that seem to get better performance from the engine, but not much MPG gain.

There are many tricks that supposedly produce better fuel mileage but it’s very hard to determine which ones work and which ones are bogus.

The first tip I tried out was a vinyl bed cover. This was advertised as a gas saver because it allowed the air to flow over the bed and made the truck more aerodynamic. I did notice a little gain, but only on long highway use.

I then replaced the stock air breather and installed a larger exhaust that yielded no real gains either.

I’m really digging deep to save on fuel expenses because I’d rather spend money on fuel for my ATV than for my truck. I think I may just have to accept the fact that it’s going to be an expense of owning a huge diesel truck to tow my ATVs and side-x-sides.

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