Getting Loaded with DiamondBack ATV Solutions

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By: Matt Lester

The DiamondBack ATV Solutions package is perfect for hauling everything, including the kitchen sink, by allowing you to load your quad on top of its super heavy duty tonneau cover while providing an abundance of dry storage beneath.

We referred to the owner’s manual for installation on our 2008 Dodge 2500 Mega Cab 4×4 and were able to put the cover together in no time at all.

Instructions are clearly spelled out; you just have to follow them closely. Once the cover is properly secured you’ll have full access to the truck’s bed as the cover folds open nicely from the front or the rear.

We loved the fact proper installation offers secure, dry storage underneath which allowed us to stock tools, spare tires, equipment and food.

With a 1600 lb. load capacity we weren’t worried about overloading the cover either and when it was time to load up our ATV, we set up the collapsible 12-foot side ramps and were pleasantly surprised to find the incline was gradual and not too intimidating to ride onto.

The ramps attach securely to the cover, eliminating kick-out and the 3-inch high sidewalls guide you easily to the top.

Several accessories came with our Diamondback including adjustable adapter bars, cab guards to save your rear window, and detachable side rails that provide a secure wall of protection from driving off the other side (good idea).

There are a dozen heavy-duty, nylon tie-down hooks so there’s no excuse not to use at least four straps to tie your 4-wheeler down.

If you don’t have the space at your home to store a trailer or if you simply want to bring more stuff along with you on an ATV adventure, the DiamondBack ATV Solutions package is a solid choice.

American made by real ATV enthusiasts who understand the needs of people who can’t bear to be without their toys.

Find out more at or call toll free at 800-935-4002.

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