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Thinking back to September of last year I figured there was bound to be a leap in displacement by someone one year forward.

Manufacturers are making the ideas and desires of consumers everywhere a reality and I have to wonder where we will be in another year or two?

Big travel suspensions really need good power all the way through the RPM range to propel the machine along should you drop yourself into something and need to mash the go pedal in a hurry.

This amount of fully usable power sometimes gives the driver confidence to take his driving skills to the next level.

When Polaris introduced its RZR XP900 I knew I’d found pure pedal-to-the-metal power the industry had not seen up to that point and this very type of power gave me the confidence to launch through the first set of ultra-deep rutted whoops I had ever driven through.

So with the release of Can-Am’s Maverick and its inconceivable 101 horsepower rating where will we be in another couple of years?

It’s an indication of the start of an uphill battle for full segment domination and if this is the case, the horsepower war may have just begun.

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