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Supporting the images currently circulating online, rumors indicate there may be 2 version of a pure sport side by side about to drop from Honda.

While Photoshop can be very convincing, we’ve seen enough to make us wonder if all the Honda information we’ve seen is going to make it’s way to a showroom floor in the near future.

All indications point to Honda introducing a 1000cc pure sport that’s sportier than a Pioneer and while we can only hope it is boosted, we’re pretty sure it won’t be.

Will Honda really take the 1000 Pioneer motor and expect to make waves by dropping it in a sport side by side? Sure there will be folks who get excited for it, but it’s going to take more than just a pumped up Pioneer 1000 to play in this game – especially since the competition has such a commanding lead and truly incredible products.

While anything less than 100-hp might not make you run to your bank and take out a second mortgage, there are a lot of folks who would love to take home the reliability Honda is known for in a sporty package.

We have to wonder though if Honda can truly produce a bulletproof sport package that’ll deliver the rock solid reliability Honda buyers expect. Being new to the pure sport side-x-side category, that’s something only time will tell.

If rumors are true, our expectation is an offering that’s less than 100 horsepower available in both a trail riding width and full on dune-smasher with an increased travel, width and larger body shocks.

We’d expect some kind of auto clutch with paddle shifters on a dune version and a DCT-equipped trail version for those who don’t want to do the work.

No matter what the Honda’s pure sport side-x-side ends up being, we believe the company is setting up for something big. We just have to wonder if that something will be enough.

AJ Lester
AJ Lester
AJ is Co-Host of DIRT TRAX Television which can be seen on OLN and Sportsman Channel in Canada, Outdoor Channel across America and globally on our YouTube channel.

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