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What are your thoughts when your teenager or the love of your life wants to roll out in the UTV without you?

My wife loves to drive the SXS and admittedly, sometimes I have a hard time seeing her out on the trails on her own without me.

A while back, my wife and her friend would drive the SXS while me and her friend’s husband would lead with the ATVs. Call me arrogant or a chauvinist if you want, but I couldn’t help thinking how each obstacle was stepping up the risk of my wife’s skills.

My concern became almost unbearable to think I wasn’t right there in the passenger seat if she ever got in trouble. I even waited at the top of each treacherous hillside to make sure she could make the climbs through the ditch-strewn embankments.

To my delight, she really had her stuff together and seemed to be in complete control of the machine throughout the ride. She was even betting with her friend that I’d wait for her because I didn’t think she could make it.

So how do you overcome the overbearing caution you feel for your loved ones when they drive offroad vehicles? The best way is proper training and riding together regularly.

Eventually you’ll grow to trust their riding ability and they might just surprise you with how good they can actually do.

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